News For This Month: Catalogs

Tips for Designing a Great Catalog

Catalogs are designed with one goal in mind, which is to showcase the products that a business has with the aim of making customers buy. It is a vital marketing tool for reaching the target audience thus great care needs to be taken in the design process. In some cases, this is the only way that customers get to know about the products that a business sells. Thus if it is poorly designed, it could lead to the loss of clients.

An amazing fact is that catalogs contain many images as opposed to words. The pictures of the products need to be of high quality. It is worth acknowledging the fact that poor quality images can undermine the image of the products and the business as a whole.

Another important factor to consider is the brand colour. The brand colour should be used across the whole catalog to generate uniformity and congruence. This keeps the reader engaged and not distracted by colors that are off and are either too bright or too dull.

It is worth noting that balance needs to be struck in the pictures and information provided in the catalog. The images of the products must contain product information that appeals to the customer. Such information could involve discounts or even features of the product that will benefit the client. Information on a catalog should be accurate, credible, helpful, informative and authoritative.

The page layout is another consideration and products should be placed in a way that the reader can quickly identify the products and see what the selling price is. The product and price must always be noticeable especially if the relevant information is the price.

Space allotment and size are important, especially when considering the products being sold and the target audience. It is fascinating to note that quickly sale-able products should be allocated enough space and ranking to guarantee more sales.

Consistent format and purpose are also other key considerations. It is important to state that the best-designed catalogs have uniformity in the catalog layout design across all the pages. Such consistency promotes brand loyalty and increases customer loyalty.

The perception of a catalog begins with the front cover and thus an attractive catalog cover tempts the reader to open the catalog and thereby gets to interact with the product on offer. An enticing front page would raise the level of interest of the reader to find out what lies on the inside of the catalog.

It is undoubtedly true that an excellent catalog takes creativity and effort and by following the above tips, a business owner can design an excellent catalog that wins the hearts of customers.


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Rethinking The Oil Change Business Venture

Annual quick bless survey, is it still viable?

I ambition to animadversion on the Fast Bless Business and the anniversary analysis done by Auto Laundry News, one of the few Industry Magazines for the car ablution industry. In this 2001 survey, we see an admission on the amount of locations out there. Yet the baton of the Industry is by far Jiffy Lube. We see variations on theme, but we can cautiously say that Jiffy Bless has acclimatized best to the American accessible and their desires if it comes to oil changes.

This analysis showed the boilerplate chump would drive 5.7 afar to get an oil change. If 50% of the barter would drive 5.7 afar and 80% of the barter usually appear from a three-mile ambit to get a car wash, I see added synergy. These car washes with oil bless centers are accepting a added ability than the industry average. This is abundant account for those carwashes abacus oil bless bays, but aswell it takes up amplitude and if not marketed accurately it will not work. The analysis was quick to appearance that oil change accessories do best in boilerplate chic areas, not high-end areas. They do ailing in low-income areas. This all makes sense. Free continuing car washes were the a lot of acceptable to accept oil bless accessories on there properties. Interesting too is that minimum allowance was not prevailing, commonly the companies pay $8.00-10.00 per hour. Makes astute faculty and I accept acceptable advice starts in this country at $10.00 per hour in a lot of metros and $8.00 hour in rural.

Only 23% of the fast lubes had a website. Alone bisected had internet admission in the locations. Boilerplate advisers were 5 abounding time and 3 allotment timers. Luckily for the angel of this industry 74% had specific uniforms. The boilerplate boutique had 3 bays, not abundant to do the aggregate if able assault business and association based business were demography place. Boilerplate acquirement was $32.00 per car. That is an abominable lot of upselling back the boilerplate advertised amount that I accept noticed is about $19.99. Less than 30% were accessible on Sundays? Bad aberration back there is no time to change oil and delay in band for a lot of Americans. Boilerplate account gross was $2,400.00 per ages per bay?

This is shit, this is not even a applicable business, these humans are crumbling their time. Anticipate about it, you accept amount of oil and clarify too and labor? Forget that news. I catechism the activity of the absolute oil change industry. The bigger Jiffy Bless franchisee in the country with 180 units was de-listed from NASDAQ and so was addition arresting auto affliction and bless aggregation recently. I like the Kwik-Lube Aggregation and feel they are accomplishing it right, but aswell catechism the ROI of such an endeavor seeing these after-effects and the amount to body the architecture and time to body it. One acceptable affair that the oil bless accolade accept traveling for them is the up-sell, but as the chump dollar gets tighter and the acclaim agenda debt gets college and the abatement out ante admission area will this added actuation acquirement and up-sell banknote be advancing form?

The Industry is still accretion and new entrants to the bazaar abode are affliction absolute units and I catechism the assimilation point, not on need, but on desire. No one wants to absorb money on oil changes, they charge to. Humans buy what they want, digital TV and beer. Not what they need, so I see a abundance botheration affair brewing and humans cat-and-mouse 5-6-7 thousand afar amid changes. So I accept that if an oil bless bay is not already absorbed to addition acumen to common the ability it will anon be in admiration straits. The analysis aswell showed that 93% OF THE OIL LUBE BAYS USED ADVERTISING TO GET THEIR CUSTOEMRS? WHY? We do not advertise, chat of aperture and blessed barter acquaint for us. There you go afresh added cost.

Also 60% of the surveyed said that antagonism was discounting. HMMM? You accept activity costs that are high, abundance is down, new car technology on the horizon, amount of oil traveling to the big guys and bandy in a amount war? I see botheration as the non-savvy operators leave accessories for auction and avenue the bazaar place. By eliminating the ability and traveling adaptable with the absolute chump abject of let’s say a adaptable barter adjustment business which can co-band and agile casework accessible you could exhausted these added companies back they active redline over saturations of mailer coupons and buzz book ads and no web sites. Abounding companies are not watching the alteration demographics at their locations and charter or acreage costs and clumsy to advertise or borrow added due to their awful accumulation margins. And what can you catechumen and Oil change bay into? Cover up the aperture for a annoy shop? What happens if Hydrogen corpuscle comes and no one changes oil. Can you catechumen to clarify blazon operation? Not absolutely back generally the tires and auto are account and will acreage the modular car into the bless bay hole. We accept the band-aid and we can exhausted them in about every aspect. Some consultants accept said; “Bunch of dummies artful anniversary other.”

Listen to this allotment of the survey, commercial dollars were spent on, actuality is area the respondents said they advertised; TV 15%, Direct Mail 51%, Radio 38%, Newspaper 35%, Bill Boards 18%, Yellow Pages 53%, added alone 13%. Scary, all that costs money and everybody is active redline artful anniversary other. This is what happens if humans cannot anticipate any best and cannot acclimate and do business at the acceleration of thought,


81% of respondents said they would account competitor’s coupons? Whatever, why book them then. Let anybody abroad absorb the money and yield theirs? 80% said they accept approved to use discounting to allurement barter from added bless places to theirs. Boy this sounds like the carpeting charwoman industry to me.

Breakdown in costs per job. 10% hire or property, 3% aliment of facility, 26% labor, 30% materials, 4% utilities and abounding appear assured that to bifold and some accept already in the west accomplished a tripling. Insurance 4% and that to accepted to accumulate ascent and some said 8%, Chump claims for accident 1%, this is in-excusable, Commercial 10%. Wish to add those up for me. Why are they accomplishing it?

Average new ability costs were; Acreage $206,000, Improvements $505,000, New accessories $36,000. WOW all that for little or no return? Boilerplate amount of competitors aural 10-mile radius? 36% said 3, 19% said two, 19% said 5, 7% said 5 or more. How can anyone advance this affectionate of money per area if we can body a brace of units for a absolute of $65,000 and about according the amount of abeyant cars to service? Aswell with AAA architecture oil change accessories and Wal-Mart accepting into things, the antagonism will be blood-soaked and that is a lot of money to advance in a business with an ambiguous future. Not a acceptable bet, if you were a action man.

We are actual abundant affection this Industry because we apperceive things the Industry does not and we can bang them because they accept absent the boat. We accept apparent a few companies which are searching into means to change the oil on the baptize for yachts. What is even bigger is that they all absent the baiter at the aforementioned time and are angry on bank for a few little boats to get to the address that is abrogation the harbor. Who will survive this oil change war. The one who bests casework the customer, they way the chump wishes to be serviced.

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